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InterConnections: A Newsletter for Congregational Leaders

InterConnections is an email newsletter that publishes tips and stories about vital congregations for lay leaders and the professional staff who work with them.

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Recent Articles

New Toolkit Advises Congregations on Military Ministry

Ministering to the military just got easier, with the release in June of the Military Ministry Toolkit from the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Ministries and Faith Development staff group. The 54-page kit, available free online, is designed to help congregations and other groups become more inviting to and inclusive of military members, veterans, and their families.

The kit includes a 23-minute video, “Welcoming the Unitarian Universalist Behind the Uniform,” and a series of six one-hour workshops that provide a process for learning about issues related to military service, respectfully discussing issues of war and peace, and being welcoming and supporting. Read more.

Participate in General Assembly from Home

Around 4,600 Unitarian Universalists are expected to attend General Assembly, the annual conference of the Unitarian Universalist Association, June 25–29 in Providence, R.I. Of that number more than 1,000 will be official delegates. Most of them will attend GA in person. But as in the past several years, there will be some delegates who attend GA while staying home.

This is the fourth year in which delegates have been able to participate in GA from home, including discussing business issues and voting right along with the in-person delegates. Last year there were around 85 offsite delegates, representing more than 70 congregations. At least as many are expected this year. The exact number won’t be known until the registration deadline, June 20. 

Offsite delegates this year will participate in at least four business votes and will also take part remotely in deliberations on several social justice issues. Read more.

GA 2014 Workshops Focus on Outreach, New Media

One of the primary reasons congregational leaders attend General Assembly each year is to learn how to do things better in their own congregations. GA 2014—June 25–29 in Providence, R.I.—will be rich in those experiences. It will also have an added dimension.

This year there is a special focus on outreach, welcoming, and evangelism in keeping with the GA theme of “Love Reaches Out.” As the Rev. Renee Ruchotzke explained this spring on, the sessions are designed to help congregations “communicate the message of liberal religion so it is heard and seen in today’s changing media environment without losing its depth.” Said another way, UUs who are more comfortable explaining their faith will be more welcoming to seekers and more inclined to engage others in conversation about it. Ruchotzke, a leadership development consultant for the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Central East Regional Group, is helping develop GA workshops on these topics. 

There are about twenty workshops this year around the topics of outreach, welcoming, and evangelism. Read more.

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Last updated on Monday, July 14, 2014.

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