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Communications Staff Group

John Hurley, Director of Communications
(617)948-6131 jhurley @

Through print and electronic publishing, public witness, communications consultation, marketing, and product distribution, the Communications Staff Group serves congregations by providing information and enhancing the visibility of Unitarian Universalism in the public arena. 

The Director of Communications oversees and coordinates the Association's communications with constituents and the wider world.


John Hurley
Director of Communications
(617) 948-6131
jhurley @

Office of Information and Public Witness

Jill Goddard
Public Relations Director
(617) 948-4386
jgoddard @

Mike McGlone
Public Information Assistant
(617) 948-6103
mmcglone @

Rachel Walden
Communications Specialist
(617) 948-4652
rwalden @


Chris Walton
Executive Editor, UU World
(617) 948-6503
cwalton @

Sonja Cohen
Senior Editor, UU World
(617) 948-6518
scohen @

Joshua Craft
Periodicals Administrative Assistant
(617) 948-6502
jcraft @

Elaine McArdle
Senior Editor/News
(617) 948-4693
emcardle @

Kenneth Sutton
Managing Editor, UU World
(617) 948-6522
ksutton @

Scott Ullrich
Periodicals Business Manager, UU World
(617) 948-6416
sullrich @


Pierce Alquist
Publishing Assistant
(617) 948-4646
palquist @

Mary Elizabeth Benard
Editorial Director
(617) 948-4603
mbenard @

Marshall Hawkins
(617) 948-4660
mhawkins @

Betsy Martin
Editorial Assistant
(617) 948-4644
betsymartin @

Joni McDonald
Publishing Manager
(617) 948-4602
jmcdonald @

Suzanne Morgan
Design Director
(617) 948-4604
smorgan @

UUA Bookstore

Rose Hanig
UUA Bookstore Manager
(617) 948-6122
rhanig @

Ryan Harrison
Bookstore Customer Service Representative
(617) 948-6123
rharrison @

Lyn Kardatzke
UUA Bookstore Assistant Manager
(617) 948-6101
lkardatzke @

For more information contact web @

This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Tuesday, June 7, 2011.

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