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How do I create a account and log in?

A account is for you personally; each person has a separate account and they should not be "passed down" from one person to another.  Every registered username gets permanently linked to the original user's contact information.

To set up an account, go to Register for a Account and complete steps 2 and 3 only (skip over step 1).  You will be asked to provide a username, password, and email address (yours, not your congregation's). The system emails you a confirmation message containing a link you click to verify your address.

Next, you will be asked to identify yourself to the system so that knows who you are. When you log in at Contact Information for the first time, the system asks for your name and address (not your congregation's) to match you with your personal record in our database. You have to identify yourself only once; after that, when you log in, knows who you are. If the system can't find you in the database, email Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) data_services [at] uua [dot] org (Data Services) or call (617) 948-4654 during office hours.

Hint: If you receive a personal copy of UU World magazine, you can enter your UU World ID number (the number above your address on your copy of the magazine), to speed up this process.

When you successfully log in, you will see a main menu. If you are authorized as a Data Services Updater for your congregation, you will see links for updating information about the congregation, including the membership list, so that the UUA can send your members UU World magazine; your leaders and staff, so that they are listed in the UUA Directory; and authorizing other members of your congregation to use the system. If you are not yet authorized in the UUA's database as a Data Services Updater, you'll need to email Data Services at the email address below (include your full name, address, and email address) and we'll get you in our database as an authorized updater within one business day.

An instruction manual (PDF 14, pages) and a one-page Cheat Sheet (PDF) is available. We strongly encourage all Data Services Updaters to review this manual before using the system for the first time.

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