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How can our congregation authorize someone to update our membership online?

Initially, accounts are available only to people who have been authorized by their congregations to update membership data. We call these people "Data Services Updaters." They may be the congregation's administrator, membership committee chair, president, minister, or other staff or volunteer—it's up to each congregation. Each congregation may have up to three Data Services Updaters.

To authorize someone as a Data Services Updater:

  • If your congregation already has one Data Services Updater who is using, s/he can authorize up to two other people by logging into and clicking "Manage Data Services Updaters" on the main menu.
  • Otherwise, contact data_services [at] uua [dot] org (Data Services) to authorize the person. Include the person's name, mailing address, and email address; your congregation's name, city, and state/province; and who at your congregation gives authorization. Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) staff will process this request within one business day and then contact the individual by email when this is complete.

While you wait for UUA staff to authorize this person as a Data Services Updater, this individual should register and confirm his or her own account by completing steps 2 and 3 only (skip over step 1) as listed at the Account Registration page above.

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