Benefit Details for Life/AD&D Insurance

The Unitarian Universalist Group Insurance Plan's (UUGIP) group term life insurance policy has a face value of 200 percent of annual salary (salary plus housing allowance in the case of ordained clergy), up to a maximum of $200,000 (this is an increase from the prior maximum of $150,000).

In order to adjust for actuarial risk, the amount of coverage at:

  • age 65 is 65% of the original amount.
  • age 70 the benefit payable is 50% of the original amount.

Premiums are adjusted accordingly.

The life insurance policy includes an AD&D (Accidental Death and Dismemberment) benefit.  Read the Group Term Life/AD&D Coverage Highlights (PDF) before enrolling (PDF).

Life insurance premiums may be waived if the policyholder is disabled for longer than nine months, according to the criteria in the Life/AD&D certificate booklet.

Dependent Coverage

An enrolled employee may elect coverage for their dependents as follows:

  • A flat $10,000 policy may be selected for the spouse/partner of the enrolled employee for $4.00/month.
  • A flat $5,000 policy ($1,000 for children under 6 months of age) may be selected for the children of the enrolled employee for $2.00/month.
  • To enroll the spouse/partner and all dependent family members at coverage noted just above, the premium is $5.00/month.

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