Rise Up! May 1st National Day of Action & Resistance Uniting Movements Beyond the Moment
Rise Up! May 1st National Day of Action & Resistance -- Uniting Movements Beyond the Moment

On May 1st immigrant, refugee, Muslim, Black and Brown, indigenous, LGBTQ communities, workers, women, environmental justice activists, and all who support a vibrant and diverse future for our country will Rise Up! 

We’re coming together across the country in 100 cities to resist the current administration’s deportation machine, it’s ‘law and order’ agenda, and the scapegoating and criminalization of whole communities.  We’ll take collective action against policies that threaten our planet and our collective well-being.

Who are we? We are ‘The Majority.’ We’re faith communities, unions, Movement for Black Lives, Mijente and other migrant rights organizations, climate justice groups, indigenous networks, and a massive spectrum of progressive allies. We’re uniting ‘beyond the moment’ to build inclusive coalitions for justice and raise our voices as people of conscience.

On May 1st we will demonstrate our economic power, build collective power through inclusive coalitions, and engage in political and corporate advocacy. There will be walk outs, strikes, actions, marches, town halls, boycotts, and on-the ground and on-line advocacy.  Whether you and your congregation or community can join a march or send dozens of postcards to Congress, organize a walk out from your workplaces or schools, or pledge not to shop on that day, you can be part of Rise Up!

Local organizing is happening all across the country. Find an action near you at one of these national coalition sites. You’ll also find communications and political education toolkits, postcards to Congress, T-shirts, and more.


Theological & Spiritual Resources for Resistance

The Prophetic Resistance Project, an initiative of the PICO National Network, a UUA partner, offers a multi-faith curriculum, webinars, podcasts and more to inspire multi-faith discourse that supports people of faith and moral courage to bring life to the stories, values, and teachings that inspire our resistance.


For more information contact loveresists@uua.org.

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