Sanctuary Policies

Unitarian Universalist clergy and UUSC staff meet with members of Congress.

One way people of faith and conscience can help provide sanctuary is by working partners in cities, counties, school districts and other local governments to make sure all residents are protected, regardless of citizenship status or other identity. Sanctuary policies and sanctuary cities put the welfare of their residents first, and keep local policies independent from federal immigration enforcement. Advocating for sanctuary policies may include fighting against restrictive laws, moving resources away from criminal and immigration enforcement, and welcoming people of different backgrounds, faiths, identities and countries. It is of the ways to promote sanctuary, which also includes offering physical sanctuary and joining sanctuary community protection networks.

Campaigns for Sanctuary Cities

Expanding Sanctuary Cities

Key partner groups Mijente, the Transgender Law Center and Black Youth Project 100 are working together to promote sanctuary cities. Download their “What Makes a City a Sanctuary Now” report to connect with this campaign. This approach focuses on sanctuary protections not only for undocumented immigrants, but also for people of color and transgender individuals, which are all groups that have been historically underserved and overpoliced.

People Power and Freedom Cities

The American Civil Liberties Union is running a Freedom Cities campaign through its People Power platform to fight President Trump's anti-immigrant and anti-democracy agenda. The campaign is starting with immigration issues, and recommends nine specific policies for cities to adopt.

Policy Options and Research

Expanding Sanctuary Policy Solutions (Mijente) – A crowdsourced guide to defy, defend and expand sanctuary policies. Includes sample laws and policies for sanctuary cities, such as welcoming city ordinances, policing oversight, limits on local/federal law enforcement cooperation, and more.

Sanctuary City Toolkit (National Immigration Law Center): This advocacy toolkit includes talking points, fact sheets, legislative history and legal research to promote state and local policies that stop immigration enforcement.

Protecting Immigrant Communities (Local Progress) - Resources geared towards local officials who want to pass sanctuary policies to protect immigrants in their communities. Includes sample city and school district policies, issue briefs, reports and webinars.