Community Protection Networks
Sanctuary Communities

When many different groups are being targeted for arrest and detention, people of faith and conscience must work with local partners to make sure their community is a sanctuary for all. Community protection networks, where neighbors work together and look out for each other, have reduced or stopped raids, deportation orders and detention practices. Forming grassroots community protection networks is one way to promote sanctuary, which also includes advocating for sanctuary policies in cities, counties, school districts and on college campuses, and offering physical sanctuary. 

Here are ways that you and your congregation or group can organize to directly intervene in discrimination and immigration enforcement. Download these action-oriented toolkits and guides to help get involved at any level - don't feel like you have to do them all, find what your community needs most!

Creating Sanctuary Communities

Build Community Support

If local, business and political leaders are organized to support immigrant and threatened communities, they can shine a light on the way our criminalized system tears families apart.

Know Your Rights

Helping to make sure people in immigrant and threatened communities know their rights, and what to do if they are targeted by a policing action, can be the difference between being safe and getting arrested. 

Prevent Raids and Arrests

Allies and supporters can sometimes help prevent raids and arrests by US Immigration, Customs and Enforcement by showing solidarity and being present during the enforcement action. 

Fight Deportations

Community support can help stop a deportation order, after someone has been detained.

  • Anti-Deportations Toolkit (Not1More) - Learn how to influence deportation proceedings through community campaigns and public advocacy for individuals with a deportation order. 

End Abusive Detention

The holding and detention facilities for the US immigration system are often inhumane and violent. Here are ways that supporters outside the system can improve conditions on the inside.

Learn More

Connect with public and interfaith campaigns for immigration justice like United We Dream and Not1More (deportation).

Read about congregational grassroots organizing to stop mass deportation and detention.



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