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Opening Our Hearts and Homes to Refugees at the Border

A caravan of individuals and families is currently making its way toward the southern border of the United States. Hundreds of adults and children are fleeing violence and political repression in their home countries in Central America, especially in Honduras. Many hope to ask for asylum when they reach the U.S. border. The Trump administration's response has been to send the national guard to an already militarized border. But we know that we are all connected and it’s time to have each other’s backs.

While hate tries to close our borders, we are opening our hearts and our homes. Join us as we follow We Belong Together and Pueblos Sin Fronteras to say resoundingly: "You are welcome here."

As Jess Morales Rocketto, chair of We Belong Together, a feminist campaign for immigration reform, puts it, when refugees arrive at the U.S. border there will be two parties that can respond: the Trump Administration and the rest of us. We know families move and no human being is illegal. We know we are all connected. Read the full essay by Morales Rocketto and learn about the lives of the many different individuals and families who are traveling across a continent in search of safety.

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At Love Resists, we are called to resist policies of hate, fear and bigotry. There are so many ways to create sanctuary for each other. This is one of those ways.

Let’s show the world that we are still a country that helps each other in times of need.​

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