Solidarity with All Those Migrating
Solidarity with All Those Migrating

We are called to solidarity now and for the long haul, at our border and everywhere. So many of us have put our hands and hearts to work to support those who are migrating. We also know many more of us want to help but are trying to discern the best role for how we can support given our skills, gifts, and resources. What can you do?

Watch our webinar: Love Resists: Solidarity with All Those Migrating. 

As families and folks continue to migrate as they always have, we shared some of the useful and faithful ways to provide support and solidarity to those in this current exodus and to build strong networks to support all those being criminalized for migrating. We heard up to date information from folks on the US/ Mexico border, on the political contexts that lead to migration, how the United States is illegally preventing folks from seeking asylum and how to discern the best role for how you can support given the various calls to action, volunteer and witness. We were joined by on-the-ground partners including Angela Fujii, Social Justice Cluster Coordinator in San Diego, Monica Cura from Activate Labs in Tijuana, Kristin Kumpf from the American Friends Service Committee, Victoria, an LGBTQ asylum seeker and Rebecca who is Victoria's sponsor for a conversation on creating networks to welcome those migrating when they get to their destinations all over the U.S and on how congregations can use their commitment to physical sanctuary to enact expanded sanctuary in their neighborhoods. By connecting with accompaniment networks and offering to sponsor and host asylum-seeking families and individuals, you will be making concrete, discernible change for the safety and wellness of members of our beloved community. This meeting was in English and with Spanish translation by Julica Hermann de la Fuente.

Defund hate

Congress is now considering billions of dollars of increased funding for immigration detention, deportation, and criminalization of immigrants and we have the power to stop it. 


  • Support refugees in Mexico and the U.S./ Mexico Border with the UU College of Social Justice
  • Al Otro Lado is looking for volunteers for Tijuana, Mexico as well as Los Angeles, CA. If you are an immigration attorney, paralegal, doctor, nurse, EMT, social worker, mental health professional, or art therapist, sign up online.

Offer Sanctuary

We know many congregations have pledged to be sanctuaries. If you are not currently offering sanctuary or have capacity to do more, consider sponsoring an asylum seeker or accompanying folks getting out of ICE jail.


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