Saving lives isn't a crime

Colorlines talks to members of No More Deaths about their work and the consequences of their solidarity.

Make an Impact

Join No More Deaths in asking that humanitarian aid be allowed in the desert.

We are so grateful for religious leaders and all people of faith and conscience who are taking courageous action to resist hate and oppression in these difficult days. Recently, an interfaith group of clergy and laypeople trekked through intense heat and rugged conditions in the Arizona desert to leave water for migrants who are known to cross there seeking safety.
Leaving water for people dying of thirst in the desert has become a bold form of resistance because of the rampant criminalization we’re seeing in our country right now, where Border Patrol feels justified in slashing water bottles left by humanitarian aid groups. This powerful video from Colorlines shows how hard it has been for humanitarian aid groups to help humans in one of the deadliest areas of the U.S. border with Mexico.

We cannot allow the Trump regime to continue to characterize people who are fighting for their lives as criminals -- whether in remote parts of the Arizona desert or in any community across this country -- or in any way equivalent to the weapon-carrying, militant forces they come up against. At Love Resists, we know that no human being is illegal and our lives matter -- our Black, Brown, trans, queer, migrant, Muslim, and marginalized lives matter. And we will keep fighting to make our communities safe for all.

"Our partner, No More Deaths, has done strong work for many years helping to provide services and support to migrants, serving and supporting those who cross the border and treating with dignity and respect those who perish on the trails or seemingly vanish into the ether of the arid and hostile desert."

Rev. Mary Katherine Morn, UUSC CEO and President

“As a religious person, my faith calls me - in no uncertain terms - to help those who are suffering, to help those who need sanctuary and safety, who are facing death and persecution.”

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, UUA President