One concrete thing to get someone home now

A hand holding a string of small lights

Be not afraid, the good and the true are stronger than anything that stands against them, and sooner or later, will prevail. It you doubt it, look backward and trace the path by which we have come; and look around you: in spite of everything, we are still on our way. The darkness is vast truly, but across it there is a path of light – a path of moving light.

From "Christmas Always Begins at Midnight" by Rev. A. Powell Davies D.D.

We’ve just seen the news that Trump plans to force asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their claims are being processed and that the House has moved forward a budget that funds the border wall. More cruel, inhumane actions that serves only to hurt families and individuals for political gain. The absence of love in this moment is crushing.

But we can be a path of light.

In this season where many in this country celebrate Christmas, a holiday of refugees and a celebration of families, it feels impossible not to act. So we invite you to participate in #FreeThePeopleDay, a fundraising endeavor to get as much end-of-year money directly to local bail and bond funds.

Some families are separated because of our unjust immigration policies. Some are separated because of unjust bail and bond policies. Our culture traditionally celebrates December as time of family and community gathering, but that’s not true for the many thousands of folks who aren’t able to be home simply because they can’t afford bail.

This one action can have an immense impact on someone, and for the next two weeks, any moneys donated will be matched -- allowing more folks to be released for the holidays. Find your local fund and create a path of light.