Liberation During Social Isolation: #FreeThemAll

The ground under our feet is shifting. Suddenly we no longer recognize the landscape we believed we knew so well.
We see you in your struggles, confusion, and fear. We are here with you as we all figure out what we need to do for ourselves, for family both by birth and chosen, for neighbors and congregations and community.
For some of us, the people we hold dear are close at hand. Others may be many time zones away. If people we love are in prison or detention, the inability to take care of them, and knowing the “social distancing” the rest of us are committing to is not available to them, can be incredibly hard. The United States has 2.3 million people in prison – the most in the world. There are 38,000 immigrants and asylum seekers in ICE detention today. They are all at risk with the spread of COVID-19.
Yet these unprecedented times have also made unimaginable changes suddenly possible, especially in the struggle against criminalization. Counties are releasing low-level offenders from jail. A coalition of progressive Prosecutors offices have issued a statement on COVID-19 and the rights and needs of those in custody, committing to changes to reduce incarceration.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones. And as you are able, check out these resources from Love Resists and our partners - and join us in doing what we can to make this moment a transformative one towards a society where all people are valued and have their needs met.

  1. Take action NOW to call on ICE to release all immigrants from detention.
  2. Check out our new “Five Ways to Organize Locally to Get People Free & Reduce Risk of COVID-19 for People in Detention and Prisons” for sample letters and call scripts you can use to fight for the release of people from immigration detention and prisons, advocate for free phone and video calls to replace cancelled in-person visits, and more.
  3. Follow and support movement leadership that is shining the light for us to find the way - Prison Policy InitiativeDetention Watch Network, the Justice Collaborative, the National Bail Fund Network, and many others.
  4. Are you involved in immigrant justice solidarity organizing? Love Resists offers you these Resources on COVID-19 from the Immigrant Justice Accompaniment Skill-Share Network.