Jailed For Being Poor: How the Money Bail System Criminalizes Poverty

Hands hold a chain fence, with image of money superimposed

On any given night, more than 450,000 people in the United States who have not been convicted of any crime are locked up in jail simply because they don't have enough money to pay bail. Universalism means no one is disposable and interdependence means that none of us are truly free as long as people are in jail.

On Tuesday, May 29th Love Resists hosted a webinar on #EndMoneyBail. Whether you are new to this campaign or are interested in getting ready for the prophetic ministry work to #EndMoneyBail led by Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism at General Assembly, this webinar will help you learn about the growing movement to end money bond and pre-trial detention. Webinar speakers include people who have been impacted by these injustices as well as volunteers and staff at several community bond funds. Regardless of your familiarity at the start, you will leave the webinar with ideas of how you and your congregation can support the fight to #EndMoneyBail.

Webinar Presenters

Resources on the Movement to End Money Bond

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