#FreeBlackMamas this Mother’s Day

The prison industrial complex is built upon a cycle of re-incarceration that it perpetuates. Many folks held in cages because of unaffordable bail are there because they are caught in a vicious cycle where they are being re-arrested for past challenges with unpaid fees/fines or court cases. (1)

Is bail the most effective way to ensure that people return to court? Absolutely not. According to Transformative Bail Reform, “Jurisdictions that limit or eliminate their use of money bail often have as high or higher percentages of people returning for their court dates.” (2)

So much of the money bail system is based upon dangerous, unfair and false presumptions about people who have been accused of breaking laws. Those most impacted have been organizing to end money bail. Black women, mothers, aunties, queer and lesbian people have all come together to say: No more. We must #FreeBlackMamas now.

Our partner, Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU), is engaging congregations through their Babies & Bailouts webinar and inviting people to host group sessions using the BLUU & Love Resists End Money Bail Community Workbook. There are many ways you can live into your faith and support the end of money bail.

Immediately, we need to get Mamas out of cages and reunited with their families and communities. By raising money for a local bail fund, you can help begin to repair the damage done by a system that destroys the fabric of our communities.


  1. National Bail Out, "Until Freedom Comes"
  2. Movement for Black Lives, "Transformative Bail Reform"
#FreeBlackMams National Bail Out graphic
Banner for BLUU #Micro30 Spring 2019 Babies & Bailouts “End Money Bail Facebook Live Panel” Watch Party + Donation Drives