Archive of Show the Love Updates
Archive of Show the Love Updates
Congregational Action, Congregational Stories & Best Practices in Social Justice
  • One concrete thing to get someone home now

    In this season where many in this country celebrate Christmas, a holiday of refugees and a celebration of families, it feels impossible not to act. So we invite you to participate in #FreeThePeopleDay, a fundraising endeavor to get as much end-of-year money directly to local...
  • Seven Lessons in Witnessing the Migrant Caravan

    When we see shocking images come across our newsfeed, it’s easy to become numb or to engage with the speed and shallowness of a click or a share. But what we are witnessing unfold at the San Ysidro port of entry deserves deeper attention.
    By Susan Frederick-Gray | 12/7/2018

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