2021-2022 Youth Drop-in Programming

Are you here because there's an online event you want to participate in and you were told to "register"? Or you want to join the Young Unitarian Universalist Project (YUUP)? You're in the right place!


The Youth Roundtable has collaborated to create a single registration process for youth to participate in online, drop-in programming and our online youth community so you only need to do this once for all such programs each year. (You'll still need to register separately for larger programs like GA Youth, summer programs, and any multigenerational programs.)

In many families a teen is involved in many online things, some of which parents and guardians know about and some they do not. So, it may seem strange that we have a permission form for our programming. But our programs are founded in a covenant between families, congregations, and youth and we want parents/guardians and congregations to know what their youth are involved in.

Here's the Process

Registration forms are available by UUA region.

After a youth registers, their parent/guardian will be sent an electronic permission form to sign and their congregation will receive an email. We're checking with the congregation to know that the person who signed up is actually a youth, is active in the congregation, and, to the knowledge of the congregation, able to participate in youth community in a way that's safe for them and for others.

Once both the permission form and congregational endorsement are back, the youth and parent/guardian will receive an email. After this, the youth and parent/guardian will receive the sign on links for drop in events to which the youth is invited and the server links for YUUP. These links are only for youth who are registered. Please do NOT share the links with people who have not registered.

Important! This is an annual form. If you registered for summer 2020 through summer 2021 and want to continue to participate into the fall of 2021 through summer 2022, you need to register again. Thank you!

Register for Events June 2021-August 2022


Having trouble? If your congregation isn't located in the form you're opening, you might not be in the right region. Find your region here! If that's not the case, contact your regional staff or the staff that invited you to join a program for help.