Young Unitarian Universalist Project

Young Unitarian Universalist Project YUUP a fledgling network for UU youth & bridgers  to forge connections and support each other

When the world shut down, YUUP started up. The Young Unitarian Universalist Project began as a way to keep young UUs connected to each other and their faith during the covid-19 pandemic. In its inaugural year a design team of youth and emerging adults hosted online spaces for fellowship and spiritual growth and charged the Unitarian Universalist Association with keeping the Young UU Project alive, safe and growing.


  • Slack, Mighty Network and Zoom spaces where young UUs from around the country can come together to talk about what we want to see in national UU youth programming.
  • Small groups where you can find others who share your identities and talk with people who can tell you about their own, different experiences.
  • Safe(r) online spaces that follow UUA safety guidelines
UUntitled National network for yoUUng folks word cloud

YUUP Vibe Word Cloud

Being part of something bigger; Connection; From all over; Accessibility; Well organized; Organic spin offs; Casual; Discussion prompts; Small groups; Regularity; Finding a way; Spontaneous conversations; Getting to know each other personally

How to Join

Any youth 14 to 18 years old and/or in grades 9th through 12th or the homeschooled equivalent can become a YUUP member for free, which gives you access to the Slack server, our Mighty Network site and all online events. Members meet with each other monthly around the question “what do you need right now” and together, we make it happen.

In order to join you must get parent/guardian permission and congregational approval. We do this registration process so we can keep YUUP spaces safe(r) for high school aged UUs.

To join, fill out the registration form with your region. Don’t know your region? Check the UU Regional Map.

👉 New England Registration
👉 Central East Registration
👉 Southern Registration
👉 Mid-America Registration
👉 Pacific Western Registration

Once you, your parent/guardian and congregation have completed the registration, you’ll get a confirmation email with the links to join the Slack server and Mighty Network site.

A Big Thanks

Thank you to the many adults who support this project. From UUA Staff who support the logistics side and help us stay within the UUA's youth safety guidelines to Support Adults who attend our events and groups as observers to the many religious professionals and lay leaders who provide mentorship, guidance and inspiration when we need it - with your support we're creating a buoyant youth led ministry that is supportive and fluid. Together, we shape the future of Unitarian Universalism.