Young Unitarian Universalist Project

Young Unitarian Universalist Project YUUP a fledgling network for UU youth & bridgers  to forge connections and support each other

When the world shut down, YUUP started up. The Young Unitarian Universalist Project, started by a design team of youth and emerging adults as a way to keep young UUs connected to each other and their faith during the covid-19 pandemic, is a national community care network and multi-directional communication channel that centers BIPOC, trans/non-binary and neurodivergent youth and offers a transition zone for young people moving into emerging adulthood. YUUP is supported by the Lifespan Faith Engagement team and honors the UUA's youth safety and inclusion guidelines

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  • A way for young UUs to find each other so they can swap ideas (like favorite check in questions), share what's meaningful to them and self organize.
  • Support for multigenerational identity group spaces to be safer and inclusive to youth.
  • Using messaging apps, social media and community platforms to build on the legacies of previous youth generations' communication tools like the AUY and the UYF's The Young Liberal, LRY's People’s Soup and YRUU's Synapse.
  • Direct access to UUA leadership so youth can build relationships and provide feedback.
UUntitled National network for yoUUng folks word cloud

YUUP Vibe Word Cloud

Being part of something bigger; Connection; From all over; Accessibility; Well organized; Organic spin offs; Casual; Discussion prompts; Small groups; Regularity; Finding a way; Spontaneous conversations; Getting to know each other personally

A Big Thanks

Thank you to the many adults who support this project. From UUA Staff who support the logistics side and help us stay within the UUA's youth safety guidelines to Support Adults who attend our events and groups as observers to the many religious professionals and lay leaders who provide mentorship, guidance and inspiration when we need it - with your support we're creating a buoyant youth led ministry that is supportive and fluid. Together, we shape the future of Unitarian Universalism.

YUUP Meetups are every Third Monday at 8:30p ET

YUUP Third Monday Meetups - 8:30p ET

Register below to be able to attend Aug. 15th, Sep. 19th, Oct. 17th, Nov. 21st, Dec. 19th, Jan 16th, Feb 20th. We check in, play a game and swap resources.

We Need Community Moderators!

The Community Moderators (ComMods for short) set and influence the vibe and tone of the YUUP community network. They are responsible for how engaging, inclusive and accessible the space is. ComMods help each member live up to the covenant (community agreements) and set the boundaries around community standards.

Community Moderators will receive training in order to:

  • make inclusive decisions as a group
  • create and implement a community building strategy
  • train future moderators

If you're a youth interested in learning how to build and sustain a community of care for teenagers through Unitarian Universalism, sign up below to join YUUP and find out more.

We need adult support too! We are looking for adults over 25 who are passionate and skilled at empowering youth to build community to serve as Support Adults. contact if you're interested in serving as a Support Adult.

How to Join

    Any youth 14 to 18 years old and/or in grades 9th through 12th or the homeschooled equivalent can join YUUP. There is no cost associated with joining YUUP. When you join you get access to our Slack workspace/playspace - our main way of connecting you with other youth.

    So that we can make our spaces together safer, every youth must register by getting parent/guardian permission and congregational approval and signing on to our covenant.

    You do not need to be a member of a congregation to complete the YUUP registration, but you do need to be connected to a UU community and in relationship with community adult leadership such that someone could vouch that you are able to participate covenantally in YUUP.

    Fill out my online form.