Young Unitarian Universalist Project

Young Unitarian Universalist Project YUUP a fledgling network for UU youth & bridgers  to forge connections and support each other

What Is YUUP

Run by youth, for youth with adult support and sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association.

For youth ages 14-18 years old and/or in grades 9th through 12th or the homeschooled equivalent. Also, folks transitioning to young adulthood during the pandemic are connecting with each other in the network in order to continue community building after they leave the network.

Following UUA safety guidelines, which requires a registration to join so that we know everyone who participates is in a safe and covenanted relationship with UU community.

What Happens in YUUP?

We post questions each day to spark conversation and you can belong to different groups (like a writing group or an LGBTQ+ group for example) where youth can meet each other with similar interests to chat and share. We host lots of online events - some are fun like game nights and craft-a-longs, some are workshops to learn new things and build skills and others are worships to connect with ourselves, each other and spirit. Once you're in the network you'll see and can RSVP for events. Everything on the network is open to folks in every region.

How to Join Us

  1.  Get your adults’ email addresses
    Your parents/guardians will need to give permission and your religious educator will get an email too.
  2. Know your region
  3. Fill out the registration form with your region
  4.  Bug your adults / wait
    We're checking with your congregation to know that you’re actually a youth, are active in your congregation, and, to the knowledge of the congregation, able to participate in youth community in a way that's safe for you and for others.
  5. Click the link in the email you get
    This link is only for you. Please do NOT share the links with people who have not registered.)

It might take a week or more to get your link, but it’s totally worth the wait! 

A Big Thanks

Thank you to the many adults who support this project. From UUA Staff who support the logistics side and help us stay within the UUA's youth safety guidelines to the Support Adults within the network who attend our events and groups as observers to the many religious professionals and lay leaders who provide mentorship, guidance and inspiration when we need it - with your support we're creating a thriving network for young Unitarian Universalists to connect with each other and our faith.