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Quick Energy Breaks

Part of Deep Fun

Parameters: perfect for a group from two to infinity!

Since its development in 1998, our understanding of antiracism/anti-oppression/multicultural (AR/AO/MC) and accessibility issues has changed and developed. We encourage you to make these games your own by adapting them to the size, needs, and tastes of your group, as well as applying a more current AR/AO/MC/accessibility lens and an understanding of radical consent to their application.

Tone Singing

Have each person close their eyes release sound on a different tone. (“Om” or “Oooooooo”). Hold the tones as long as possible, taking staggered breaths so that the sound is constant. Listen as the voices come into harmony with each other.

Group Sneeze

Sneeze out all the negative energy with this one. Divide the group into three sections. Assign the word “Russia” to one, “Prussia” to another, and “Massachusetts” to the third. Have everyone sneeze their word loudly at the same time.


Form a standing circle, then have everyone hold hands and squat down. As they slowly come up to standing, have them say “zzzzzzzzzzoooooooooooooom!” (or any other joyful noise or word) and end with a jump in the air.


Have the group spread out in the space. Tell them to relax their bodies. As the say “Oooooom” have them clench every muscle in their bodies; hands, tummy, faces; until they are in scrunched up little balls. Then, on “Wah!” have them release all of the tension and sprawl out on the floor.


Form a standing circle. Have everyone gradually crouch down, making themselves as small as possible. As they do this, have them say, “Acorn, acorn, acorn...” getting softer and softer. Then, simultaneously jump up into the air and say “TREE!!” with enthusiasm. Do this one several times to energize a tired group.

Social Justice Stretching

Reach down to get power from the grassroots (touch your toes)

Reach up to the sky for inspiration (reach your arms up in the air)

Stomp out injustice (stomp feet on the floor)

Move in the winds of change (with arms out to your side twist your torso from left to right)”

Repeat with a faster pace and repeat until you can’t go any faster

Shake by Numbers

Tell the group that once they catch on to copy you. Start by shaking your right arm and counting to ten, kind-of quickly. Then shake your left arm and count to ten. Next shake your right leg and count to ten, then shake your left leg and count to ten. Continue in this order but for each set count only to nine, then eight, etc. (think B-I-N-G-O-style) and hopefully quicken the counting each time. Continue until you run out of numbers.

Seek Bananas

Sing this song with motions. Order: Do 1, 7, then 1, 2, 7, then 1, 2, 3, 7, then 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, etc. until finishing with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

  1. Seek Bananas. Seek, Seek Bananas (x2)
    Motion: Hand over eyes, seeking
  2. Pick Bananas. Pick, Pick Bananas (x2)
    Motion: Hands out, pulling bananas off tree
  3. Peel Bananas. Peel, Peel Bananas (x2)
    Motion: Peeling a banana
  4. Eat Bananas. Eat, Eat Bananas (x2)
    Motion: Shove ‘em in your mouth!
  5. Squash Bananas. Squash, Squash Bananas (x2)
    Motion: Throw banana peel down and stomp on it.
  6. Go Bananas!. Go, Go Bananas! (x2)
    Motion: Flailing arms in the air, jumping up and down.
  7. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm......
    Motion: Rubbing belly and smiling