Luminary Leaders FAQ

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What Do I Get If I Apply?

When you are a recognized Luminary Leader, we'll send information about open opportunities directly to you. No more finding out about a great event at the last minute, or worse, when it’s too late. APPLY and submit your Endorsement Letters (PDF) today!

When the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries is looking for a youth to participate on a team or in a process, we go to our Luminary Leaders to find the right youth for the job. We want you to be part of that network.

Joining Luminary Leaders puts you in touch with a multitude of opportunities from focus groups, committees and task forces to planning teams, volunteer event staff and more.

It is also a way to connect with other youth leaders to share ideas, exchange information and build networks. If you're already an active leader, at any level, joining Luminary Leaders will also earn you recognition for your work.

As a Luminary Leader you can apply for grant money to attend events or trainings to further your skills.

And if that's not enough, you'll get a pin and certificate in the mail and your congregation will get a letter of recognition.

But I Already Heard About Youth Opportunities. Don't All of Those Things Have Their Own Applications?

Formal opportunities, like GA Youth staff, do often have their own applications, but without joining, it's quite likely you won't hear about everything the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has to offer. Informal opportunities, like a one-time focus group, may not have application processes and may not be publicized. They are filled by Luminary Leaders. Think of Luminary Leaders as the "master application" for all of these little opportunities that may involve a short-term commitment.

I've Recently Bridged. What About Me?

You can still apply for Luminary Leaders and be recognized for the work you did as a youth. We extend this opportunity for a year after bridging.

What Happens When Youth in the Program Become Young Adults?

Young adults who were part of the Luminary Leaders program become Luminary Alumni when they graduate or turn 19 and are kept in our networks to be contacted for young adult opportunities.

Is There a Deadline?

Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Youth should expect notification within 4-6 weeks of applying.

Why Should I, as an Adult, Encourage Youth to Participate?

It is an honor to have a Luminary Leader in your congregation. We have heard from a number of talented youth that they only applied for positions because an adult in their life encouraged them. Before that encouragement, these youth told us they didn't think they were talented or qualified enough to be considered. Please consider printing and posting this Black and White Poster (PDF) or Color Poster (PDF) to encourage young leaders to apply!