Workshop: Youth Identity in Transracial/Multiracial Families

This one-hour workshop for parents and religious professionals provides an animated video and guidance for a discussion. While the animated video is focused on experiences of youth of color who have been adopted by white parents, the discussion invites groups to talk about the support they, as adults, can offer any youth of color growing up in a multiracial or mostly white family, congregation, and/or community.

See the "How to Use This Workshop" section of the Discussion Guide to determine facilitators suitable to lead this workshop. Rev. Dr. Monica L. Cummings, former Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) program associate for Ministry to Youth and Young Adults of Color, created the animated video. Contact Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen, leadership development associate for Youth and Young Adults of Color, at to connect with UUA staff who may be able to participate in a workshop via Skype or in person.

Workshop Materials