Multimedia for Be The Change!

Check out the videos and multimedia used in the Be The Change! Project six core training sessions. Use them with the core training or on their own.


Public Service Announcement (videos)

A few short videos give examples of public service announcements. These videos are part of Activity 2 in Session 6, “What Can I Do to Break Down Racism?”

Race: The Power of an Illusion

This outstanding documentary from PBS shows the history of race in America. If you have time, consider watching the entire video. Clips from this documentary are used in the following activities in core training sessions of Be The Change!:

  • Activity 2: Scientific Construct, Session 3, “Race Is Something We Create” [Scenes 11-14 of Episode 1, 11 min total]
  • Activity 3: Economic Construct, Session 3, “Race Is Something We Create” [Scenes 2-9 of Episode 2, 9 min total]
  • Alternate Activity 1: Race and Immigration, Session 5, “Can We Live With Race?” [Scenes 2-5, Episode 3, 14 min total]

You will need a copy of the documentary to use for the core training sessions. The DVD may be borrowed from your local library or purchased from California Newsreel. Your congregation’s library, your public library, or the library of a house of worship near you may have a copy. It can also be rented for streaming at a nominal cost on Vimeo.