Leadership Development Conferences

Leadership Development Conferences (LDC) are small working conferences designed for youth and adults. A leadership development conference focuses on helping the participants learn how to be leaders.

At an LDC, youth and adults in youth ministry learn concrete leadership skills within a structure that helps them reflect on why they are involved in Unitarian Universalism, what roles they play in their youth group or congregation, and what it means to be a leader. Leadership training is a process of empowerment: giving the members of the group the skills they need to lead faithfully.

An LDC can also provide benefits to local youth groups and congregations; the youth and adults in youth ministry returning from LDC conferences often bring their congregations new skills and energy. Most importantly, an LDC is about personal empowerment, offering each participant a chance to grow in terms of actual skills, self-confidence as a leader, enthusiasm and commitment.

Who should attend an LDC?
Youth who want to learn to be leaders; adults in youth ministry who want to learn to be empowering; directors of religious education (DRE's) and ministers who want to learn to support youth leaders in their congregation.

The recommended ratio of youth to adult participants is 3:1.

Each region handles Chrysalis youth ministry leadership trainings. Contact your regional Congregational Life staff who can provide you with leadership opportunities already scheduled and information on how to host a training.