Peer Chaplain Training

Peer Chaplain Trainings are small working conferences designed for youth and adults in youth ministry to gain skills around empathy, deep listening and expanding the circle of confidentiality. Peer Chaplains are individuals help build a healthy and safe atmosphere, bring spiritual resources and support to the community and know when to expand the circle of confidentiality.

The Chaplain Training focuses on the following:

  • Understanding confidentiality—when to keep and when to break safety concerns
  • Maintaining appropriate personal boundaries (physical, emotional, etc.)
  • Perceiving and responding to the needs of the conference community as a whole
  • Developing communication skills: active listening, non-verbal communication, etc.
  • Being an empathetic listener, understanding and accepting different emotional situations
  • Working as a team with other chaplains
  • Legal and ethical considerations to ensure a safe and healthy community
  • Responsible, intentional and culturally appropriate use of worship materials

A Peer Chaplain Training provides huge benefits to both district and local-level leadership. Peer Chaplain trainings help facilitate personal growth, empowerment and reflection among participants.

Who should attend a Chaplain Training?
Youth who want to serve as Peer Chaplains in their communities. Adults in youth ministry who will support peer chaplains or will serve as chaplains for youth, themselves. Ministers and pastoral care associates are also encouraged to attend.

Each region handles Chrysalis youth ministry leadership trainings. Contact your regional Congregational Life staff who can provide you with leadership opportunities already scheduled and information on how to host a training.