Advanced Youth Advisor Training (AAT)

The Advanced Youth Advisor Training (AAT, previously AT-2, 15 hours) is designed for advisors seeking more experience and who have attended the Basic Youth Advisor Training. Again, youth are also encouraged to attend these trainings to provide youth perspectives, deepen their understanding of youth empowerment, and learn what they should be looking for in their advisors. This training discusses more serious issues in youth advising, youth ministry, church staffing and structure, adolescent issues, and other relevant topics.

Who should attend an AT-2 Training? Experienced advisors who seek in-depth training in youth advising and ministry, advisors seeking professional youth coordinator positions and ministers and divinity students looking for training in youth ministry. Program feedback has shown that having youth participants for some or all of the training has been tremendously beneficial to the experience of attendees. Some have hosted Saturday evening meal with a local youth group as part of the training.

The recommended ratio of youth to adults is 1:5.