Chrysalis Youth Ministry Training Program

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The Chrysalis Program is a leadership and skill-development program for youth and adults who work with youth. Congregational Life Staff facilitate or appoint facilitators for these trainings.

Each region handles Chrysalis youth ministry leadership trainings. Contact your regional Congregational Life staff who can provide you with leadership opportunities already scheduled and information on how to host a training.

The Chrysalis Program prepares, equips and grows outstanding leaders in youth ministry and in Unitarian Universalism. It turn, these leaders, both youth and adults, are building strong, multigenerational, multicultural communities in their congregations and creating, supporting and sustaining vibrant youth ministries.

The Chrysalis Program recognizes that youth and adults are partners in this work. It advocates youth involvement at all levels and at all stages in the visioning, planning, execution and follow-up. It recognizes adults as active partners and mentors, not just chaperones.

The Chrysalis Program offers a number of different trainings to address the many facets of youth ministry. Visit each link to learn more about those particular trainings.