Restorative Practice
Restorative Practice

We seek to create a community that honors the inherent worth and dignity of all participants. This needs particular care and attention in times of conflict, where youth find themselves out of covenant with each other, and when rules are broken.  

In contrast to punitive systems which have high standards and low support, and permissive systems which have low standards and high support, restorative ones have both high standards and high support. We know that humans learn best in supportive relationships and that shame and social cutoff interfere with learning. We know that youth will make mistakes. We seek to create communities and cultures which help youth learn, through both holding them accountable and supporting them in their learning,

As communities centered on covenant and right relationship, responding to conflict, harm to each other, and rule breaking must center restoring trust, safety, and right relationship over punishment.

This requires keeping the well-being and input of those most impacted by the actions as a central part of the process. Restrictions may sometimes need to be set while trust and safety, with the community, impacted youth, local congregations, leadership, and UUA staff, is re-established.


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