Religious Professional Endorsed

For youth involved in a local UU congregation or covenanted community, youth must be endorsed to register at regional and national/international youth events by a religious professional or designated lay leader. The local UU community knows the youth best and therefore knows best if the youth is emotionally ready and prepared to be a safe and covenantal participant in an event.
For youth whose involvement is in a virtual UU community, the UUA staff responsible for the event is also responsible for endorsing that youth’s attendance and may require additional references and conversation.

This policy can be implemented in a variety of ways including:

  • Having a local leader sign an endorsement form

  • Having local leaders submit registrations for participants

  • Having a local leader give their endorsement electronically through online forms or email

  • Having a youth submit a letter of reference

  • UUA staff checking a youth’s references

Programs Open to Youth Who Are Not Unitarian Universalist

Such as UUCSJ programs

For youth who are not a part of a Unitarian Universalist faith community, UUA staff must check a minimum of two references, including a religious professional from the youth’s faith community. If the youth is not affiliated with any faith communities, youth must provide a minimum of two references, including a non-familial adult, who will speak to the youth’s emotional readiness and preparation to be a safe and covenantal participant in an event.