Pairing Youth With Sponsors

An Adult Sponsor is an adult participant who attends an event with specific youth and is responsible for supporting those youth at the event. An adult sponsor can sponsor up to the number of youth that meets the youth adult ratio (generally 1 adult to 7 youth. See Adult: Youth Ratios in Supervision section). Sponsors must participate in participant and adult orientations, agree to the Adult Code of Conduct, and follow rules and supervision policies.

The local UU community is responsible for being sure that an Adult Sponsor paired with the youth is able to help the youth have a positive and supportive experience. Both the parent/legal guardian of the youth and the local religious professional must approve the Adult Sponsor for youth.

The UUA encourages congregations to approve adults who know the youth and attend the same congregation as the youth.

NOTE: Adult supervision is provided by Adult Sponsors supervised by UUA staff or volunteers at most UUA events. Some UUA youth events with vetted participants or individuals who go through an application process do not require Adult Sponsors, because adult supervision is provided by UUA staff, hired adult staff or designated volunteers. These events often use vetted adults, recruited by the event lead, following required adult/youth ratios, and the youth’s needs, accommodations, and modifications are highlighted and acknowledged through the registration process.