Participant Rules/Behavioral Expectations
Participant Rules/Behavioral Expectations

Prior to attendance at UUA youth events, all participants must disclose any child welfare agency investigation or any criminal or juvenile delinquency arrests, charges, convictions including those involving abuse, violence, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, child abuse, driving while intoxicated or under the influence, firearms or dangerous weapons or similar matters.  UUA may deny or limit a youth participant based on any of these disclosures.  

Each youth and adult participant must agree to the event rules/expectations, which must be presented at the beginning of each event. These rules/expectations may be specific to the event, but must include the following:

  • No violence, weapons or dangerous items—This includes physical violence, verbal threats or harassment, or possession of weapons or explosives such as fireworks.

  • Respect property/No vandalism—respect local facilities and the community’s possessions, and no theft.

  • No drugs, alcohol, cannabis, or illegal substances—this includes requirement to use medication as prescribed, and turn prescription medication over to an adult if required for that event. 

  • No smoking, vaping, or use of nicotine/tobacco products. Participants with nicotine addictions are invited to discuss medical management with UUA staff responsible for the event ahead of time.

  • No harassment on the basis of gender and sexual orientation, race, national origin, religion, disability or any other protected status. 

  • No sexualized conduct or sexual activity, including open mouth and/or prolonged kissing. In general, includes any touch meant to arouse, sharing sexually explicit material such as videos, apps or games. 

  • No unwanted, uninvited touchonly a clearly expressed “yes” means yese.g. ask before hugging.

  • No leaving the event location without proper permission—what constitutes permission may vary by event but must require permission by the adult responsible for supervising the youth.

  • Rule of Three—All excursions off-site must include a minimum of three, multigenerational participants. No youth or adults are to ever be alone in a closed space with another youth participant.

Please see the Restoring Right Relationship and Youth Participant Suspension and Reinstatement Sections for information about the next steps when a Rule/Expectation is violated.


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