Community Norms
Community Norms

Each youth program creates and maintains community norms, which can be expressed in a covenant, expressing the goals of the community and how the community will be together. Rules/expectations express a baseline or minimum standard. These community norms should express the ideals of community such that all feel comfortable, heard, and included.

The conversation in creating this covenant/document could include questions like:

  • What is the purpose of this program?

  • What does respect look like?

  • What does inclusion look like? 

  • What does this community define as “exclusive” behavior?

  • How will we ask for and hear consent from each other?

  • How do we co-create a safer community?

  • How will we support each other’s self-care including sleeping and introvert recharge time?

  • How do we make space for those with marginalized identities including asking others to make space (in leadership, in community culture, etc)? 

  • How do we embody anti-oppressive values in this community? 

  • How will we recognize that intent and impact are not the same thing, especially in regards to microaggressions? 

This document will be discussed at the beginning of each event and be regularly revisited and revised.


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