Guidelines for UUA Larger Virtual Events

  1. Get a letter of reference from a DRE, Minister, or Congregational President. Check with Congregational Life staff to confirm that the letter of reference came from the right person. Only then send out the unique information for the event.

  2. Consider using a webinar mode rather than teleconferencing with cameras only on the presenters. Participants can still chat.

  3. Always have assigned adults and youth leaders (never alone) monitoring the chats.

  4. If your event includes chaplains, you will need to make sure that there are at least 2 chaplains meeting in on-line video or text based spaces for pastoral care of youth. This includes youth peer chaplains.

  5. If you are using breakout rooms, make sure there are reference checked youth leaders in each room, or at least 2 reference-checked adults in each room. Don’t overextend your capacity to keep youth safe by creating too many breakouts.

  6. Have a Virtual Reception Room mimicking the reception/check-in area at an in-person event to orient youth, make sure they are registered, and to check in on any special accommodations they might need.

  7. Be sure to create a way for your leadership team to communicate during the event such as a group chat on a platform like GroupMe or Slack.