Checklist for Evaluating Platforms

The following are some things UUA staff have considered when evaluating platforms. However, no platform is an ideal solution that meets all requirements.

  • Is this a platform youth are willing to use?
  • Can participation be limited to those registered for the program?
  • Is there a way to verify the identity of the youth? (i.e. avoid adults posing as youth)
  • Is there an option to turn off private chatting/messaging?
  • Is there a way for adults to communicate with youth that is visible to other participants? In other words, are there ways to avoid one adult communicating with one youth? (This could include an administrator able to see adults’ messages)
  • Is there an administrative role with the power to mute/unmute, remove people from the room if they do not belong there or can’t follow covenant, lock the meeting, prevent participants from adding others, etc?
  • Can the room be locked once all have arrived?
  • Is there a waiting room option?
  • Is there a way to prevent/limit screen sharing?
  • Can participants prevent others from seeing their contact information?
  • Does the platform itself have a process to remove haters and other dangers to youth?
  • Is the platform one that parents have concerns about, so using it would limit inclusiveness?
  • Does this platform protect the privacy of minors’ information?
  • If there are doubts, is there another platform that would serve as well with better safety functions?