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Youth Staff or Volunteer Leader Approval Process

This applies to youth in formal leadership positions, such as those selected or elected ahead of time as well as leadership positions where a youth has formal oversight over other youth, directs other youth leaders, formally mentors other youth, or has access to sensitive information about other youth. Examples include: hire as a facilitator, serve on the right relationship team, election to a planning committee, or service as a chaplain.
Youth in these leadership positions must complete an application process and supply two references. These references will be checked by UUA staff or their designate, and will be good for up to three years. These references should be people who have known the potential worker, preferably in relation to previous work with youth. At least one reference must be from the congregation or covenanted community in which the youth actively participates. UUA staff may restrict the roles a youth can serve based on the contents of these references.

The youth volunteer must have been actively participating in a UU congregation or covenanted community for at least six months.

Youth working in positions of leadership must sign the UUA’s Adult and Youth Leader Code of Ethics (see Appendix).