Hotels and Convention Centers

NOTE: This does not apply to multigenerational events such as General Assembly where youth are the responsibility of their parent/guardian or Sponsor.

Hotel-based programs or programs with hotel housing are rare for UUA youth ministry events and have their own challenges. Hotel rooms typically have one or two beds with an option to get a cot and an en-suite bathroom. Some hotel rooms may be connected to other rooms directly.

A designated UUA staff person (or equivalent responsible adult) must be available by predetermined means at all times in the building where youth are staying.

Under no circumstances should non-familial youth and adults be rooming together in a small room (e.g. hotel).

Youth under 18 will not be roomed with youth 18 or older, to avoid putting youth over 18 into a legally unequal situation. Participants attending as youth will never be housed with participants attending as young adults.

Every youth must have their own bed.

When multiple youth are present, they are typically placed in single rooms or in same-gender double rooms based on the self-identified gender that youth indicate on their registration forms.

Youth should also be asked if they need alternative accommodations and any requests for singles or other configurations based on orientation, gender identity, medical issue, etc. should be met if possible.

Only individuals assigned to a room are allowed in the room when the door is closed. Violations of these boundaries or curfew will be immediately reported to the group assigned to monitor the community well-being and consequences may involve being sent home.

NOTE: Most private hotels will not allow minors, or often those under 21, to register for or check into a room by themselves. UUA staff usually have to co-sign room registrations with youth.