Youth Ministry Working Group Members
Faith Development, High School-Aged Youth Faith Development
  • Nick Allen (Youth Member)
  • Robin Barraza (Youth Advisor)
  • Charlie Burke (Youth Member)
  • Helia Daigeau (Youth Member)
  • Nancy DiGiovanni (Acting Co-Director, Young Adult and Campus Ministry, UUA)
  • Rev. Mara Dowdall (Interim Director, Office of Youth Ministries, UUA)
  • Caitlin DuBois (Youth Member)
  • Judith Frediani (Director of Lifespan Faith Development, UUA)
  • Morgan Ivens (Youth Member)
  • Michael Kusz (Youth Member)
  • Andrea Lerner (District Executive, Metro New York District, UUA)
  • India McKnight (DRUUMM* Youth and Young Adults (YaYA) and Youth Ministry Program Associate, UUA)
  • Victoria Mitchell (Youth Member)
  • Rev. Alison Miller (Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association)
  • Katie Parker (Youth Member)
  • Laura Spencer (Program Associate for Racial and Ethnic Concerns, Identity-Based Ministries, UUA)
  • Rev. Judy Tomlinson (Liberal Religious Educators Association)
  • Rev. Archene Turner (Youth Advisor)
  • Jackie Whitworth (Youth Member)

*DRUUMM: Diverse Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries

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