October 2007

  • Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees receives report with recommendations.
  • Youth Ministry Summit Report with recommendations submitted and received by the UUA Board of Trustees.
    • Recommendations included the formation of a Youth Ministry Working Group to move the implementation of the report forward.

January 2008

  • Youth Ministry Working Group selected.

February 2008

  • First Youth Ministry Working Group Meeting, February 8-11, 2008.
    • Prioritized Objectives and Activities from Summit Report.
    • Met and received input from the Young Religious Unitatian Universalist's (YRUU's) Steering Committee.
    • Prepared for future meetings and work.
  • Chrysalis Re-Visioning Gathering, February 29 to March 1, 2008.
    • The goal of the Chrysalis Re-Visioning was to present a plan that will:
      • Utilize the assets of the current Chrysalis Youth Ministry Training program, including currently trained trainers and training modules,
      • Support districts and regional groupings of districts to better serve congregations in their youth ministry efforts,
      • Define clear roles for UUA headquarters staff, UUA district staff, youth, adults, and bridgers, and
      • Create a place of empowerment for youth to be in service to their faith and to congregations. Please view the full report. (PDF, 10 pages)

March 2008

  • Roundtable on Theological Education and Youth Ministry, March 5-8, 2008.
  • The goal of the Roundtable on Theological Education and Youth Ministry was to analyze what theological education needs to provide religious professionals for excellence in youth ministry.
    • Work was focused in three areas: Credentialing and Fellowship, Theological Education, and Continuing Education and Training.
    • The roundtable determined that excellence in youth ministry can be achieved only via a major cultural change in the UUA. A series of action plans was developed to better prepare religious professionals for this cultural change.
    • These plans include inserting a youth lens in all programs and processes already in place, as well as developing and implementing trainings particularly for ministers around youth ministry.

Please view the Chrysalis Re-Visioning Report (PDF, 13 pages), Appendix (PDF), and the Working Group Response (PDF).

April 2008

  • Youth Ministry Working Group, April 12-14, 2008.
  • Reviewed and clarified Working Group charge, mission, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Met and received feedback from the YRUU Steering Committee.
  • Explored value lenses of congregationally based ministry, youth empowerment, and anti-racism/anti-oppression/multiculturalism.
  • Developed provocative proposals around shifting the center of gravity, accountability, anti-racism/anti-oppression/multiculturalism, and faith development.
  • Created organizational principles for the new youth ministry framework around youth voice, community, and service delivery.
  • UUA Board of Trustees Meeting, April 18-20, 2008.
  • Voted: To place the Youth and Young Adult Empowerment Resolution on the General Assembly 2008 Agenda.
  • Voted: The administration shall make the transition in youth ministry an institutional priority now. This process must be transparent and those responsible for implementation must be in authentic relationship with the youth community and its elected leadership. During this transition, the administration must provide monthly progress reports to the Board. The administration shall ensure that UUA support for youth ministry programming is maintained throughout the transitional period.
  • Voted: That the UUA Board approve the Fiscal Year 2009 Operating Budget. Further the UUA Board directs the Administration to provide funding for the “Youth Transition Team” at a level comparable with the current year’s YRUU Steering Committee.

May 2008