Youth Ministry Report Testimonials

The Youth Ministry Working Group's report (PDF, 24 pages) is already generating excitement among and praise from Unitarian Universalists (UUs) of all ages.

"This report, along with the Mosaic Project Report, is a monumental step forward in addressing the needs of those Unitarian Universalists who are least served by our existing institutional structures. It is my sincere hope and expectation that UUs everywhere will heed the vision of these reports and work to further democratize our communities and institutional services. Creating multigenerational and multicultural spiritual communities will be challenging work for all of us—we must commit to examining and transforming the arrangements of power in our communities and institutions. I truly appreciate all of the sweat, tears, and soul that have made this culminating moment possible. It is only the beginning…"
—Will Floyd, Young Religious Unitarian Universalists Steering Committee, member 2007-2008

"The Youth Ministry Working Group's Report challenges us all to share in a new commitment to ministry with and for youth. Its impact will be similar to the commitment the UUA made in 2001 to bring anti-racist anti-oppression and multicultural work into all aspects of the association's life, rather than center it in one staff office or in organizations of people of color. Now it's up to all of us to follow through."
—Rev. Wayne Arnason, Chair of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee; Youth Programs Director 1980-84

"Years of passionate work have been dedicated to this process, and I am inspired by our achievement: a collaborative model for a truly sustainable youth ministry."
—Morgan Ivens Duran, Youth Ministry Working Group youth member

"This report brings into being the most exciting paradigm shift for our congregations in over a quarter century—not only for youth ministry, but for the whole of our shared Unitarian Universalist community. We are called to acknowledge and live out the reality that all people in our congregations—no matter their identity or age—ARE the church, and need to be involved in the whole ministry—serving and being served. This report signals the dawning of the new era in UUism—multigenerational, multicultural ministry. I invite all of us to join in the joyful work to make it be so!"
—Rev. Linda Olson Peebles, UU Church of Arlington, VA

"This document is a new framework for religious community. It is from the minds of many—young, old, and everywhere in between—and for the use of all. It displays the intentionality that multicultural, multigenerational ministry demands. Two chalices up."
—Nick Allen, Youth Ministry Working Group youth member; Youth Observer, Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees

"I am very grateful to the Youth Ministry Working Group for creating a thoughtful, comprehensive guide for growing a healthy youth ministry to serve our multigenerational, multicultural Unitarian Universalist faith community and the world. I look forward to supporting this evolving and vital ministry in my congregational work and professional leadership role."
—Cathy Seggel, MTS, Director of Religious Education, First Unitarian Church of Providence, RI

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