Meaning Makers Opening Retreat
Meaning Makers 2019 Retreat
Faith Development, Young Adult Faith Development (ages 18-35)

The Meaning Makers August 2019 Retreat will take place at UBarU Camp and Retreat Center outside San Antonio, TX on August 15-20, 2019. If you want to join the Meaning Makers program, register for it now! If you have been in the program and this is your closing retreat, then just apply for financial aid if you'd like a registration fee grant or travel subsidy. Deadline for both is May 6th.

If you applied for a reduced fee or travel subsidy you should be hearing back in mid/late May or within a week of your registration about those details. Your travel details are due to us within one month of your registration submissionThis allows us to plan for shuttles from the airport to UBarU.

The fee for the retreat is $200 and is due within one month of your registration submission. This fee covers room and board at UBarU. If you received a reduced fee you'll pay a reduced amount and if you got a full scholarship you do not need to pay.

Dinner the first day through breakfast the last day was provided at UBarU; we work hard to accommodate all dietary needs. Folks will be sleeping in bunkhouses, and again, we will work hard to accommodate any needs related to housing that anyone should have. The personal preferences form will help us meet your needs and is also by Monday, May 20th.

At the August 2019 retreat the older cohort will be closing out their year of Meaning Makers and the new cohort will be getting to know each other. We will have some time together as a large group and some time separated into cohorts. We will also have time to gather in affinity groups across cohort. The new cohort will be divided into small groups that they will meet with throughout the year. The older cohort will be processing their year's experience and making commitments of what they'll carry forward. We will also have two hours of free time each afternoon for rest or socializing, and enjoyable evening activities such as stargazing or gathering around the campfire. Get all the details about what to expect and bring!

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