GROW: Grounded and Resilient Organizers' Workshops

Join us as GROW - the Grounded and Resilient Organizers Workshop - becomes a fellowship! Learn more about becoming a GROW Fellow to help our movements respond.

Applications are open - APPLY NOW!

What is GROW?

We are in hard, hard times. The fires of justice are burning all around us. We feel the rage, grief, and possibilities as this year has thrown us all in a loop. Our movements are having to respond to so many attacks at the same time. Now is the time to root down and skill up.

The Grounded and Resilient Organizers’ Workshop (GROW) builds skills, deepens leadership, and uplifts the spirits of young adult activists (ages 18-34). Building upon GROW Climate Justice (2015) and GROW Racial Justice (2016), we offer opportunities to strengthen spiritually grounded organizing on these and other justice issues.

What is GROW Fellowship?

GROW Fellowship will be held August – December 2020. Building upon our previous GROW/Thrive/Shift programs, it will equip UU (and UU adjacent!) young adults of color and white young adults with the skills, spiritual grounding, and community to engage in justice work within and beyond our Unitarian Universalist faith. It has been scheduled for the months leading up to and after big 2020 elections to build our capacity, relationships, and power in ways that can be of use to continuing this work for the long haul.

How will GROW Fellowship work?

Due to the impacts of the current pandemic, we will gather for group touch points online with invitations to frequently take our praxis offline, as well. A modest stipend will be available for those who are able to commit to consistent participation during the duration of the Fellowship. More details will be available as we review your applications.

Here are some of the touch points we are imagining for our time together:

  • Covenant and weekly check-ins are important for a few reasons: these will be a place to name and practice our values of justice and equity, and create time together to make sure everyone is experiencing the space as healing and generative. This will help keep our group on purpose.
  • Justice workouts will be quick 30-45 minute online gatherings each week for reflection, practice and solidarity actions. Sometimes, these will arise out of asks from movement partners. Other times, they include individually-tailored assignment to flex our justice muscles in deliberate and concrete ways.
  • Occasional caucus spaces will offer the opportunity to gather based on our racial identities and to support one another in the work that is ours to do rooted in the lived experiences that have shaped our lives.
  • Periodic ritual spaces will be rooted in honoring rhythms of the earth and our movements, with particular attention to the group’s needs in the lead up to and following the 2020 election.
  • GROW Fellows will receive care packages, tangible and digital, that will include offerings for learning, nourishment, reflection and action.

Partners for GROW Fellowship

The Unitarian Universalist Association's (UUA’s) Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries has long supported young people of color within our faith through annual leadership schools. The UUA Office of Lifespan Faith Engagement is grateful to collaborate with UU College of Social Justice to create the GROW Fellowship.