YA@GA Co-Facilitator Selection
YA@GA Co-Facilitator Selection Process
Faith Development, Young Adult Faith Development (ages 18-35)

**This application is currently closed, and will reopen in Summer 2020**

Serving as the Co-Facilitator for Young Adults at General Assembly (YA@GA) is a big job. It's a lot of fun and a lot of responsibility! To learn more about the selection process, the responsibilities and compensation for Co-Facilitators, and why we shifted away from elections, read on. Or if you've read it all, apply by March 31st, 2020. [application goes live in early 2020].

What Does the YA@GA Co-Facilitator Do?

The Co-Facilitator helps to lead YA@GA programming for two years. Each year there is a senior co-facilitator with one year of experience and a new co-facilitator who was selected the previous spring. In compensation for their work, these co-facilitators have all of their General Assembly expenses paid for at the GAs they are leading, including travel, registration, housing and food.

These two young adults help select the other YA@GA volunteer staff and shape the vision for that year’s YA@GA programming. They plan programs like orientation, workshops and the Synergy Bridging Service and support other events like receptions, worship services and meet-ups. This role requires one or two virtual meetings each month and a fair amount of email responsiveness as well as some time spent on planning and publicity.

Who Can Apply for YA@GA Co-Facilitator?

To apply you must be a UU young adult who will be between 18 and 35 at GA 2021 in Milwaukee and GA 2022 in Portland. We're seeking folks who have been to at least one GA or who plan to attend GA 2020 in Providence. Experience with YA@GA (formerly Young Adult Caucus) is a plus. We also need candidates to have the time and capacity for this important leadership role.  Lastly, this person must have a strong commitment to Unitarian Universalist values and to staying in right relationship during planning and at GA.  

How Does Selection Work?

We will solicit applications for a few weeks during the summer of 2020. The Youth and Young Adults of Color Ministry Associate and the Emerging Adult Ministry Associate at the UUA, plus the two current Co-Facilitators for GA 2020 will be the selection committee. We will be looking for someone with strong leadership and commitment to UU values, creativity and vision, plus someone who will make a good complement to our current junior Co-Facilitator Martha Durkee-Neuman, who will be continuing for GA 2020.

Why Not Elections?

The election process is left over from when YA@GA was Young Adult Caucus. Those elections happened in person at GA. When we became YA@GA in 2014, we had our last on-site election. In 2015 and 2016 we tried having elections online to increase participation but the turnout was still relatively low. The elections are a lot of work, and with low participation they did not provide the accountability we hoped they would. In 2017 we started a new model used by GA Youth Caucus, who select their Deans in an application process. We believe this process works smoothly and yields similarly high quality Co-Facilitators as YA@GA has had in the past.

For more information contact youngadults@uua.org.

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