Stage Two: Inviting

Inviting is the second of five stages of young adult ministry development in congregations. Find more information on the five stages.


Young adults are present but on the periphery of our congregation, and have yet to create a critical mass. Some may be involved in aspects of congregational life as religious educators, worship associates, or in justice work. However, they may not be in positions of leadership, and their presence is not much felt within the congregation. If they are in positions of leadership, they may feel isolated or singled out as in their identities as young adults. Some young adults are here now, but if the situation does not change, they might not be soon.


  • Create opportunities for young adults to build fellowship with one another in an informal setting.
  • Investigate “clustering” with young adults at other area churches.
  • Ensure that young adults are not being “tokenized” because they are young, but they are wanted because they provide valuable perspectives.
  • Ministers and congregational leaders should reach out and build relationships with individual young adults.
  • Reach out to young adults in your orbit that may live in another city through care packages.