Classes and Curricula for Young Adults

Young adults looking for a deeper religious experience may want to explore adult religious education and curricular programs. Offering a rich and structured approach to faith development, the curricula listed here can be adapted, shortened or modified to fit your needs.

Tapestry of Faith

Tapestry of Faith is an online portal of curricula for all ages that nurtures Unitarian Universalist (UU) identity, spiritual growth, a transforming faith, and vital communities of justice and love. Everything is downloadable, printable and viewable. Here are a selection of adult curricula that might be of interest to young adults:

  • Building the World We Dream About for Young Adults
    In 2009, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) published Building the World We Dream About. This new version of the program for young adults is specifically tailored to the experiences of young adults whose life situations and congregational involvement are somewhat fluid. A program that seeks to interrupt the workings of racism and transform how people from different racial/ethnic groups understand and relate to one another in the congregation and in the communities of which the congregation is a part. (Author: Mark Hicks; Contributing Editor: India McKnight)
  • What We Choose: Ethics for Unitarian Universalists
    We are regularly faced with moral choices, big and small. How should we respond to a tricky family or relationship situation? What is the right thing to do when faced with a dilemma at work? What is the most ethical course for a community, state, or nation to follow, and how much am I prepared to invest in advocating for that course? How does morality or ethics enter my food and eating choices? How should morality or ethics enter my consumer decisions? How do we treat others? What must I do to follow the values of my Unitarian Universalist faith tradition? (Authors: Amber Beland and Manish Mishra-Marzetti; Developmental Editor: Gail Forsyth-Vail)
  • Resistance and Transformation: Unitarian Universalist Social Justice History
    Grounded in the belief that even "failures" in our history can be instructive, this program presents the ongoing struggle of our tradition to live up to its ever-evolving ideals of social transformation. Themes include abolition, peace-making, civil rights, free speech, utopianism, counter-culture, the women’s movements of both 19th and 20th centuries, sexuality education, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) equality. (By Rev. Colin Bossen and Rev. Julia Hamilton)
  • Faith Like a River: Themes from Unitarian Universalist History
    Faith Like a River explores the dynamic course of Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist (U/U) history—the people, ideas, and movements that have shaped our faith heritage. It invites participants to place themselves into our history and consider its legacies. What lessons do the stories of our history teach that can help us live more faithfully in the present? What lessons do they offer to be lived into the future? (By Rev. Jackie Clement and Rev. Alison Cornish)

Additional Curricula

These curricula published by the UUA are available through the UUA Bookstore unless otherwise noted.

  • Our Whole Lives (OWL) for Young Adults
    This edition of the Our Whole Lives comprehensive sexuality education curriculum is tailored for young adult UUs. For more general information on OWL, refer to the Religious Education page on the curricula.
  • Articulating Your UU Faith
    Guides participants through a series of easy and engaging exercises—personal reflection, role-play, discussion and even the creation of a worship event--that equip them to communicate their liberal religious ideals. Authors are co-ministers at Cedars UU Church, Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap County, WA.
  • Building Your Own Theology (BYOT)
    Based on the assumption that everyone is their own theologian, Volume 1 of this classic UU adult education program invites participants to develop their own personal credos. Volume 2 continues the credo-development process by focusing on various theological questions to help participants grow in their ability to understand and articulate their own belief systems. Volume 3 invites participants to apply their beliefs, values and convictions to particular ethical situations. Each volume is 10 sessions. By Richard S. Gilbert
  • Popcorn Theology for Mature Audiences
    Uses R-rated movies to explore theological and ethical issues. It may be used with adults, young adults or high school age youth with parental permission. Some feature films included in these sessions are: Dogma, The Butterfly Effect, The Green Mile, The Matrix, Amistad, Blood Diamond and Children of Men. Available from Shancar Publications.
  • Bridging: A Handbook for Congregations
    The bridging ceremony is an important milestone, not only in the life of an individual, but also in the life of a family and a faith community. This resource offers a blueprint for a year-long program marking the transition from youth to young adulthood, and for ceremonies commemorating this transition. It invites parents and caregivers to express their support for the young person's journey while acknowledging the significant changes and feelings the family experiences when a young person moves into adulthood, and offers the congregation meaningful advice on supporting youth on the cusp of young adulthood.