Oklahoma: Young Adult & Campus Ministry Anchor Congregations

  • All Souls Unitarian Church
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Southwest District
    Among the largest Unitarian Universalist congregations, All Souls Unitarian Church has a comprehensive young adult and campus ministry program with a full-time dedicated staff. The Young Adult Community at All Souls (YACAS) provides small group ministry, work on gender identity, regular newsletters, Soulful Sundown alternative worship services, and social events. Young Adult Vocal Ensemble (YAVE) is a highly visible part of the young adult program. Free Independent Religious Experience (FIRE) is the congregation's campus ministry at the University of Tulsa. In addition to a full-time staff member, the congregation dedicates a program budget of over $10,000 annually to young adult and campus ministry.
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    Received Anchor Congregation designation in 2004.