Massachusetts: Young Adult & Campus Ministry Anchor Congregations

  • Arlington Street Church
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Massachusetts Bay District
    Arlington Street Church has an active young adult ministry program, supported by the minister and intern minister, with over 60 young adults. The congregation has made the Young Adult group an official part of its Church Council, creating an important accountability relationship to the church. In addition, the church has elected a young adult to its Prudential Committee (the church's governing body), maintaining a commitment to recognizing young adult leadership. Programming includes covenant groups, circle worship, social activities and social justice work through the congregation's many programs in this area.
    Received Anchor Congregation designation in 2005.
  • UU Church of Worcester
    Worcester, Massachusetts
    Clara Barton District
    The Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester (UUCW) has an integrated young adult community with young adults serving on almost all committees, as well as on the governing board. They have an active campus ministry program in addition to a strong network of young adults who are congregationally based. They are the affiliate congregation of the Greater Worcester Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministries (GWUUCM) chaplain. This independent organization was born out of their campus outreach work in 2003 and has been serving the 12 Worcester area colleges as both a resource and an active presence. Their Community Minister is a Chaplain at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and UMASS Medical. Originally serving as fiscal agent, UUCW now is the primary institutional financial supporter, as well as home base, for the 501(c)3 GWUUCM. Together, GWUUCM and UUCW provide carpooling to church for services and fellowship, Religious Education events specifically for young adults, and Social Justice networking.
    UUCW’s active youth group has generated many congregation-based young adults and they have a large and growing number of parents in their twenties who are pivotal in their religious education program. There at least two designated young adult Sunday worship services annually and young adults regularly partake in leading services as preachers, worship associates, choir members, soloists, readers and worship committee members.
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