California: Young Adult & Campus Ministry Anchor Congregations

  • UU Church of Davis
    Davis, California
    Pacific Central District
    The Unitarian Universalist (UU) Church of Davis has committed itself to supporting young adult and campus ministry with half of their annual ministerial intern's time and energy. This commitment means that not only has the congregation established young adult ministry within the church and campus ministry at the University of California-Davis, but also that it is committed to being a site for teaching future ministers how to do this work. Programs include small-group ministry, worship, discussion and shared meals. As a teaching institution, the UU Church of Davis has also committed to sharing its knowledge with other congregations in the Pacific Central District. In recent years, the congregation has also supported several major speakers on the UC-Davis campus through the Billings Lectureship, promoting UU ideals and spreading the word about our faith.
    Read more about their young adult and campus ministry programs at the UU Davis website.
    Received Anchor Congregation designation in 2005, and renewed in 2012.
    For updated 2012 information about the sustainable and thriving young adult ministry program at the UU Church of Davis, please refer to our Blue Boat Blog highlighting their work.
  • First UU Church of San Diego
    San Diego, California
    Pacific Southwest District
    The First UU Church of San Diego has a vital and dynamic Young Adult & Campus Ministry program. With the hiring of a designated staff person who supports the programming, the culture at this church began to change. Two groups meet weekly at the church—an 18-24 age group and a 25-35 age group. For those who need it, the groups are a good entry point into the rest of the church life and community. In addition, the church and the YACM Coordinator also provide Campus Ministry at three local campuses—University of California-San Diego, San Diego State University and Mesa College. Although each group is unique, the structure for each one contains opportunities for social gatherings, spiritual growth experiences and involvement in social justice.
    Individuals come together to attend Sunday Brunch after services, participate in retreats and once a year lead a worship service at First UU Church of San Diego. Young adults are also active in the congregation as religious education leaders, ministry team leaders, youth advisors, ushers and greeters. They are members of the choir, social justice groups, district committees, the Intern Committee and the Board of Trustees.The Young Adult Campus Ministries (YACM) Coordinator and members communicate through active Google and Facebook groups and publicize through congregation, cluster and university channels.
    Read more about First UU San Diego's young adult and campus ministry program. Received Anchor Congregation designation in 2008.