Congregations Recognized for Young Adult and Campus Ministry

The Anchor Congregation Program

Note: This program is currently under revision, and will be undergoing changes in the coming year. For updates, stay tuned to our Blue Boat Blog.

The Anchor Congregation program, introduced in 2004, recognizes congregations that have made a significant commitment to young adult and/or campus ministry. This award is aimed at institutionalizing strong, congregationally-based young adult and campus ministry programs across the continent. The Anchor Congregation designation recognizes congregations that have made a substantive commitment to young adult and campus ministry, and which serve as a model to other Unitarian Universalist congregations seeking to do young adult and campus ministry. View a list of current Anchor Congregations and their programs below.

It is our intention that the application process to be an Anchor Congregation will be used by congregations seeking to expand their ministry to young adults and college students. We hope that congregations will use this process to enter into a relationship with the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Office of Young Adult Ministries around their vision for young adult and campus ministry and their program needs.

Anchor Congregations demonstrate competence in three areas in their young adult and/or campus ministry programming. Those areas are:

  • Institutionalized support for young adult and/or campus ministry (staff support, lay leadership involvement, budget, etc.)
  • Balanced young adult and/or campus ministry programming (worship, social, and social justice components) and a thriving multigenerational community.
  • Outreach (working to grow their ministry, leadership at district/regional/national/continental levels, helping other congregations, etc.)

In addition, Anchor Congregations have a wide variety of other program features, including such things as small group ministry, resource libraries, intentional outreach to youth, bridging programs, and support for young adults to attend district/regional/national/continental conferences.

Anchor Congregations and Their Programs

The following congregations have been designated as Anchor Congregations (listed alphabetically by state or province).