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  • The blasphemy of body hatred has no place in this temple.
    Poetry | By Misha Sanders | February 27, 2017 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: Acceptance, Beauty, Body, Dignity, Direct Experience, Diversity, Fat Liberation, Humanism, Inclusion, Secular, Self-Respect, Women, Worth
  • This hymn text was written to accompany the tune St. Louis, commonly known as "O Little Town of Bethlehem" (#246 in Singing the Living Tradition). O Holy Darkness, loving Womb, who nurtures and creates, sustain us through the longest night with dreams of open gates....
    Music | By Jann Aldredge-Clanton | December 12, 2016 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: Advent, Anti-Oppression, Awe, Christianity, Christmas Eve / Christmas, God, Mystery, Winter Solstice / Yule, Wisdom, Women
  • Spirit of Love and Power, we are gathered today in beloved community that we might manifest in our lives the values and truths that we hold dear. Let us rejoice that we are together for this time is holy time, the transformation we seek is holy work, and the bonds that hold us together are sacred.
    Prayer | By Krista Taves | November 17, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: 3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth), 4th Principle (Truth & Meaning), Body, Children, Choice, Family, Freedom, Humanism, Prophetic Words & Deeds, Responsibility, Self-Respect, Women
  • Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Olympia who had a dream. She dreamed that one day she would grow up to be a minister. But during the 1800s, only men were ministers, so it didn’t seem likely that Olympia’s dream would come true. Olympia, however, continued to dream. Time passed,...
    Story | By Christopher Buice | April 14, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: Commitment, History, Judaism, Purpose, Universalism, Women
  • Cast Abigail Adams Julia Ward Howe Frances Watkins Harper Clara Barton Florence Nightingale Lydia Maria Child Script All the women file onto the stage (through the side door on the stage, and stand with shawls over their heads, their backs to the audience). Narrator: Women in the 18th and 19th...
    Script | By Susan Jhirad | January 21, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: 1st Principle (Worth & Dignity), 2nd Principle (Justice, Equity, & Compassion), 3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth), 4th Principle (Truth & Meaning), 5th Principle (Conscience & Democracy), Equity, Gender, Human Rights, Rights, Secular, Women
  • In addition to the traditional concept of true commitment that means you are willing to die for what you think is right, make equal space for the womanly concept of commitment that means you are willing to live for what you believe. June Jordan (1936-2002) was an African-American poet, activist,...
    Quote | By June Jordan | January 21, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: 1st Principle (Worth & Dignity), 3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth), 4th Principle (Truth & Meaning), America, Belief, Commitment, Meaning, Purpose, Secular, Women
  • "She wore this circle of friends, when I first knew her, as a necklace of diamonds about her neck. They were so much to each other that Margaret seemed to represent them all, and to know her was to acquire a place with them. The confidences given her were their best, and she held them to them....
    Quote | By Ralph Waldo Emerson | January 21, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: America, Friendship, History, Secular, Unitarian Universalism, Women
  • "She possessed more influence on the thought of American women than any woman previous to her time."...
    Quote | By Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton | January 21, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: America, History, Power, Secular, Women
  • "The position I early was enabled to take was one of self‐reliance. And were all women as sure of their wants as I was, the result would be the same. But they are so overloaded with precepts and guardians who think that nothing is so much to be dreaded for a woman as originality of thought or...
    Quote | By Margaret Fuller | January 21, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: Authority, History, Power, Purpose, Self-Respect, Women
  • "What Woman needs is not as a woman to act or rule, but as a nature to grow, as an intellect to discern, as a soul to live freely and unimpeded."...
    Quote | By Margaret Fuller | January 21, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: Freedom, Growth, History, Power, Self-Respect, Women
  • "Let it not be said, wherever there is energy or creative genius, ʹShe has a masculine mind.ʹ This by no means argues a willing want of generosity toward Woman. Man is as generous towards her as he knows how to be. Wherever she has herself arisen in national or private history, and nobly shone...
    Quote | By Margaret Fuller | January 21, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: History, Men, Respect, Self-Respect, Women
  • "We would have every arbitrary barrier thrown down. We would have every path laid open to Woman as freely as to Man. Were this done, and a slight temporary fermentation allowed to subside, we should see crystallizations more pure and of more various beauty....
    Quote | By Margaret Fuller | January 21, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: America, Equity, Freedom, History, Men, Self-Respect, Women
  • “Her specter haunted all who knew her, and many who did not. Henry James, born in New York in 1843, stood beside his father on a Hudson River excursion boat and heard Washington Irving tell that Margaret Fuller had been drowned the day before. Even at the age of seven this small boy was resolved...
    Quote | By Perry Miller | January 21, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: Death, History, Leadership, Women

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