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  • My soul nudged me from a hiding place to confess and to seek forgiveness, and only through the grace of the Great Mystery of Life unfolding around us did I receive the blessing of journeying with a beloved, grieving friend.
    Reflection | By Rebekah Savage | January 9, 2019 | From Braver/Wiser
    Tagged as: 1st Principle (Worth & Dignity), 3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth), Connections, Direct Experience, Failure, Forgiveness, Friendship, Guilt, Love, Reconciliation, Relationships, Self-Respect, Vulnerability
  • Once I quit drinking, my inner voice and I began the harder work: that of creating a life from which I do not need or want to escape.
    Reflection | By Alix Klingenberg | January 2, 2019 | From Braver/Wiser
    Tagged as: 4th Principle (Truth & Meaning), Acceptance, Addiction/Recovery, Body, Change, Direct Experience, Discernment, Health, Humility, Letting Go, Self-Respect, Vulnerability
  • Christmas is a risk for us to take. Shall we allow ourselves to be touched by sentiment? Awakened by song and story? Drawn into festivities, when our joy depends upon the goodwill of others? Dare we risk the disappointment of hopes raised high and excited expectations? May we have the courage to...
    Quote | By Rexford J. Styzens | December 8, 2018 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: Christmas Eve / Christmas, Hope, Tradition, Vulnerability
  • What, exactly, are we doing when we invite love into our lives? Surely we know that it's much tidier without it, when things stay at a distance.
    Reflection | By Amanda Poppei | November 28, 2018 | From Braver/Wiser
    Tagged as: Animals, Direct Experience, Love, Parents, Relationships, Vulnerability
  • "We can change. People say we can’t, but we do when the stakes or the pain is high enough. And when we do, life can change."...
    Quote | October 30, 2018 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: 3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth), 4th Principle (Truth & Meaning), Beginnings, Change, Contemplation, Direct Experience, Growth, Letting Go, Pain, Searching, Transformation, Vulnerability, Wisdom
  • It has been a difficult week in the news, and as always, we have silent personal struggles in the midst of everything else. And so I invite you into a spirit of prayer....
    Prayer | By Lisa Bovee-Kemper | September 28, 2018 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: Body, Brokenness, Healing, Violence, Vulnerability, Women
  • Whenever you find tears in your eyes, especially unexpected tears, it is well to pay the closest attention. They are not only telling you something about the secret of who you are, but more often than not, God is speaking to you through them of the mystery of where you have come from and is...
    Quote | By Frederick Buechner | August 21, 2018 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: 4th Principle (Truth & Meaning), Awe, Body, Conscience, Contemplation, Direct Experience, God, Mystery, Presence, Truth, Vulnerability, Wonder
  • Remembering to breathe and to breathe deeply and then once more, to take the breath in and let the breath out, we pause, poised as we are, at a point of risking, at a possibility of courage: #metoo. Risking vulnerability Risking pain Risking being known Risking being not believed Risking being...
    Prayer | By Karen G. Johnston | January 23, 2018 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: 1st Principle (Worth & Dignity), Body, Courage, Direct Experience, Gender, Healing, Mothers, Sexuality, Vulnerability, Wholeness, Women
  • We remember the Magi, Observers of stars, Evidence-based seekers Who found their way to kneel before a baby. May we, too, kneel before life’s intricate mysteries Following the path of science-based searchers for truth We remember Mary, Birth-mother of a revolutionary prophet The fetus in her womb...
    Prayer | By Rebecca Ann Parker | December 18, 2017 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: Anti-Oppression, Christmas Eve / Christmas, Integrity, Living Our Faith, Multiculturalism, Prophetic Words & Deeds, Unitarian Universalism, Vulnerability
  • It’s been said that it’s easier to untangle a string of lights if you plug them in; it’s no different for people. Humans, just like strings of lights, are wired for connection.
    Reflection | By Erin Powers | December 13, 2017 | From Braver/Wiser
    Tagged as: Advent, Awe, Christmas Eve / Christmas, Connections, Direct Experience, Humanism, Mystery, Relationships, Secular, Trust, Vulnerability, Wholeness
  • Spirit of Compassion, help us draw strength from all that we are. Give us new language with which to claim our wholeness, a new litany of joy built out of words that wounded.
    Reflection | By Lindasusan Ulrich | December 6, 2017 | From Braver/Wiser
    Tagged as: Acceptance, Body, Direct Experience, Fat Liberation, Fear, Honesty, Humanism, Secular, Self-Respect, Truth, Vulnerability, Wholeness
  • It is always good to give thanks! All that we have is a gift from life: our food, our relationships, our shelter from the cold. And when we give thanks, it is always good to be mindful of all people, and notice those who are suffering and do what we can to ease suffering and change its causes....
    Opening | By Myke Johnson | November 23, 2017 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: 1st Principle (Worth & Dignity), 2nd Principle (Justice, Equity, & Compassion), 4th Principle (Truth & Meaning), 6th Principle (World Community), 7th Principle (Interconnected Web), Anti-Oppression, Gratitude, Healing, Justice, Spiritual Practice, Suffering, Thanksgiving, Vulnerability, Wholeness
  • As a child, growing up Catholic, my sense was that we should give away forgiveness like candy at Halloween: freely and readily, to anyone who comes asking. As an adult Unitarian Universalist, however, I have realized that forgiveness is a lot more complicated and challenging than that image would...
    Reading | By Gretchen Haley | October 27, 2017 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: Direct Experience, Forgiveness, Humanism, Love, Relationships, Secular, Vulnerability
  • There is nothing you need to bring with you to be welcome here no right beliefs or proof of citizenship no eternal optimism or clarity of conviction no boundless courage or endless expertise You do not need to know what brought you here Or how you will solve that problem you are turning over and...
    Opening | By Gretchen Haley | October 24, 2017 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: 3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth), Acceptance, Community, Interdependence, Vulnerability
  • Reader One: You who feel your heart is breaking, come in. Reader Two: You who are confused and wondering. Come in. Reader Three: You who are angry, in pain, or not wanting to be here. Come in. Reader Four: You who are hopeful and energized. Come in. Leader: Come into this community of your heart...
    Chalice Lighting | By Amy Russell | October 24, 2017 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: 3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth), Acceptance, Community, Hope, Pain, Unitarian Universalism, Vulnerability
  • Spirit of Life and of Love, Holy One that reaches wide to encompass all beings, Hold us to Yourself in this moment. We come to this place carrying so much in our hearts. Around us we hear the laments of a broken world, Torn by fire, storm and strife, Crying, “I too have suffered. I too have been...
    Prayer | By Rev. Molly Brewer | October 21, 2017 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: 1st Principle (Worth & Dignity), 4th Principle (Truth & Meaning), Anti-Oppression, Body, Direct Experience, Healing, Pain, Power, Salvation, Solidarity, Vulnerability, Wholeness, Women
  • “Though we tremble before uncertain futures, may we meet illness, death, and adversity with strength. May we dance in the face of our fears,” writes trailblazer Gloria Anzaldua, who knew a thing or two about courage. Courage requires both vulnerability and careful strategy. Like other people of...
    Reflection | By Marisol Caballero | September 29, 2017 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: 1st Principle (Worth & Dignity), 3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth), Anti-Oppression, Courage, Identity, Indigenous American, International, Multiculturalism, Race/Ethnicity, Unitarian Universalism, Vulnerability
  • Unitarian Universalist minister Rev. Theresa Soto writes, "All of us need all of us to make it." I want you to get used to those words; make them your prayer. All of us need all of us to make it. This is why Unitarian Universalists support the Black Lives Matter movement. Please take a moment to...
    Litany | By Megan Foley, Julián Jamaica Soto | April 1, 2017 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: #BlackLivesMatter, 1st Principle (Worth & Dignity), 2nd Principle (Justice, Equity, & Compassion), 3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth), 6th Principle (World Community), 7th Principle (Interconnected Web), Anti-Oppression, Commitment, Direct Experience, Humanism, Interdependence, Multiculturalism, Race/Ethnicity, Salvation, Secular, Solidarity, Unitarian Universalism, Unity, Vulnerability
  • We are sometimes selfish, sometimes complicit with systems that do harm, sometimes the cause of pain and injustice. Until we can hold compassion for ourselves and others—until we can be forgiving when we fall short—our love is incomplete.
    Reflection | By Sean Parker Dennison | March 29, 2017 | From Braver/Wiser
    Tagged as: 2nd Principle (Justice, Equity, & Compassion), 3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth), 4th Principle (Truth & Meaning), 6th Principle (World Community), 7th Principle (Interconnected Web), Anti-Oppression, Brokenness, Compassion, Conscience, Direct Experience, Disability, Growth, Honesty, Humanism, Multiculturalism, Secular, Solidarity, Unitarian Universalism, Vulnerability
  • God has a fondness for what is fragile. This means us. Advent tells us that God came to us—and comes to us still—with complete vulnerability. Christ is to be found among what is fragile—including us, ourselves, when pain and loss have left us feeling less than whole. In coming to us as a...
    Reflection | By Jan Richardson | November 28, 2016 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: Advent, Brokenness, Christianity, Christmas Eve / Christmas, God, Immanence, Relationships, Vulnerability

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