Part of a Larger Life

A pile of bright fuschia flower blossoms rest in the open hands and lap of a stone Buddha or Quan Yin statue

I invite you to join me in a time of prayer, meditation, and reflection—to be fully present here and now, in this sacred time and space, with ourselves, with each other, and with that which is larger than ourselves.

Source of All, All Life, All Love, All Hope, known by many names and in many ways:

We don’t know who or what you are or even whether you can be called a who or what. Our words fail us. Our minds fail us when we ponder the enormity, diversity, complexity, wonder, and beauty of the universe and this world. And yet we sense, more than know, that our lives are part of a larger Life, that we are indeed connected with everyone and everything in one interdependent web of being, and that there is something, both immanent and transcendent, that nurtures and sustains our lives and Life itself: something that calls us and all life to greater wholeness and harmony.

We give thanks this morning for all of the gifts and blessings of life: for this day, for the beauty and wonder and mystery of life, for our families and friends, for health and work, for opportunities to learn and love and grow, for the love and support of others in times of illness or despair. But we remember, too, that others, here in this room, in this city, and around the world, live in poverty, hunger, fear, illness, isolation, violence, and economic insecurity.

In the silence of this room and in the silence of our hearts, may we hear the call to a wider perspective and a deeper resolve.

May we live with greater compassion and care for ourselves, others, and creation. May we touch each other more deeply, hear each other more clearly, and see each other’s joys and sorrows as our own. May we strive to be and become more than we are: more loving, more forgiving, more kind, more honest, more open, more connected, more whole.

May we heal and be healed. May we face the uncertainties and tragedies of life with hope, faith, and courage, knowing that Life is good and that we are not alone.

And in these moments of silence, may our hearts speak silently all the prayers of our lives—our souls’ greatest joys and deepest sorrows, our triumphs and failures, our regrets and fears, our disappointments and losses, our hopes and dreams.

[Silent Meditation]

May it be so. Amen.